PTSA Grants

Granite Hills High School PTSA


The PTSA wishes to support programs that will enhance the social, emotional, and academic experience for the students and staff of Granite Hills High School.


A current member of Granite Hills PTSA, any GHHS staff member or student who would like to address a need that will improve the overall educational and developmentally appropriate climate of GHHS may submit a PTSA Grant Funding Request.


  1. Individual funding requests are not to exceed $200.00 (including tax and shipping costs).  However, joint proposals involving two or more applicants may be submitted, not to exceed a total of $350.00.
  2. Funds must be used to improve classroom instruction through curriculum development or the purchase of supplemental materials.  An application may also be submitted for monies to fund student experiences on and off-campus, including instructional as well as club activities.
  3. Recipients are responsible for notifying the PTSA of any changes in the use of the funds or individuals who have been awarded the funds.  Final approval for the use of funds for other purposes than originally outlined in the application will be at the discretion of the PTSA.
  4. Recipients are required to complete a Reimbursement Form and provide copies of any and all receipts.
  5. Applications should be brief and as simple as possible; however, applications must include detailed information regarding the students who will be benefiting both directly and indirectly from the funding requested (identity who the student population is, and an approximate number of students).
  6. The PTSA attempts to reach a broad range and the largest possible number of GHHS students with annual funding.
  7. Funding is given on a year-to-year basis with no guarantees beyond the single application granted. 
  8. Applications will be considered at our monthly PTSA meetings and funded on a first-come-first-serve basis. Funds will be released immediately.
  9. Applicant MUST be a PTSA member.

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