PSAT Test Date

October 19, 2016 @ 8:00 am – 12:00 pm
Granite Hills High School
Finance Office

PSAT – Information from Granite Hills High School
The PSAT is a “practice” SAT test that is useful for many reasons. First, it is a way for students to experience taking a test very similar to the SAT so that they may get familiar with the questions/subjects that will be asked on the SAT. This will better prepare students for the SAT. Second, students will be given a score report a couple months after taking the test which will explain areas of strength and those that may need improvement. This will help students know what they need to study before the next test. Lastly, Juniors who take the PSAT, with a high enough score, may qualify for the National Merit Scholarship. We encourage 10th and 11th grade students to take the PSAT and it can  be taken more than once. This test is offered in October of each year. Sign-ups occur through the finance office. If your student requires accommodations please contacting counseling the spring prior to the test.