Campus Connection: SAVOR EACH MOMENT

As we approach the end of the 2016-2017 school year, we thank you for your support of PTSA and your dedication to our school community. Speaking of community, we have our third parent forum on Monday, May 15 at 6pm with Cara Day presenting the topic “Tough Talk.” View details HERE.  We invite ALL parents to attend.

This month we also have FOUR wonderful opportunities for students and families:

~PTSA Scholarships applications are available on our website with a deadline of MAY 18. Scholarships up to $500 could be yours!! Apply today!

~Finals Care Packages are on sale through May 26 at midnight!

~Graduation Leis are for sale until June 2 and on Graduation Day!

~Bid for your very own VIP SEATING AND PARKING on graduation day!! Get your own parking space and/or FRONT ROW seat at graduation as you bid on these prime seating and parking spaces. Auction held in the quad on Thursday, June 1 at 5pm, an hour before Senior Awards Night. View details HERE.

May your month be memorable as many of you experience “lasts” in your child’s public education journey–her last class, his last project, her last game or his last match. Savor each moment, it’s bittersweet. Believe me, I’ve been through it three times already…

All my best to each one of you! 


Marsi Walker, PTSA President